Sitting alone in the dark corner.
Knees against my chest, head in my hands.
Watching the tears run from eye to floor.
Happiness left my soul, now so dark and cold.
Life in my eye is no longer shown.
If only I could escape these chains and cuffs
And once again run from my thoughts.
I am a prisoner of life.
Contaminated by this strife.
With Death hanging by my side
Black tears were all I cried.
Anger was builtup in my blood
All the revenge is creating a flood.
These chains will one day break.
You is all I will seek.
Like a snake I will slither.
Once you sleep I will smother.
Look at me now, try to read my heart
All my love and joy is forever departed.
You shouldn’t have locked me away.
To think I was once your little girl.
This is what you made me, sick and angry.
I am a prisoner of life.
Contaminated by this strife.
With death hanging by my side
Black tears were all I cried.
Anger was built in my blood,
This is what you made me.
Your fast asleep in your bed.
Your words echoing in my head.
This is my soul being unleashed.
In my pocket I reached,
Grabbed the knife you once tried
But unlike you, I will not fail.
A sharp pain opened your eyes.
You gave a look of surprise.
Look at me now daddy.
Aren’t you happy?
During your last breath
I grabbed the key.
I am finally free.

If this is who you really are, than I want you far…
If this is what a father is, than I never want one…
You abandon me in my time of need,
Left me with nothing to eat…
I had to survive on my own two feet…
All the money you had, and still you treated me so bad…
You’re the worst dad, and that makes you so glad!!!
What comes around goes right around…
I hate when you yell, I hate that sound!!!
I looked for you and hell is what I found!
I should of been your princess with a crown
instead, you treated me like I was your clown..
Betrayed me and left me with a frown!!
Look at my tears, what about my fears?
You can’t help me anymore, Don’t even try, what for?
I hate what you have done to me!
I use to be so weak, I was afraid to ever speak…
Now I have found strength and I’m not afraid…
I’m not afraid of telling you to leave.
You are my dad just by name, because of you I will never be the same…
You are insane and that’s how you will remain.

In desperation I search, trying to find myself I look.
I search and search, for my heart is lost I search.
Too scared to run too scared to move.
Paralyzed by pain and fear I search.
I fight to live as I stager at the pain.
I sit beside me staring at what I see.
I shake my head at what I made me.
I fight to not listen at the pain I created.
The pain I will always see.
As I twitch in emptiness my eyes begin to see.
The more they find the more it hurts.
They look at me as a piece of meat.
Trembling legs, week arms, and scars from defeat.
I fight my self because of what I see.
It’s me I’m looking at and me that won’t succeed.
I stare and look, searching for answers, for that I concede.
I shred my self and my sole with my eyes.
They are too strong for me for that I am paralyzed.
I see my hands as the grasper of pain.
They are the retriever of all I have received from me.
As my hands fight back I see.
I am only what I want to be, and I still have a chance to defeat me.



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