Harro.. (trying to sound all cheery here because, I have to stop being sad that feeling really sucks) anyways, Harro is like inspired by Justin (Justin, if you see this, yes I’ve liked you for a long time, some time around march/april I guess.. but you’ve never noticed and may it stay this way? that I’ll be invisible to you.) anyways, yeah I think about you 24/7 even in my dreams, you’ll suddenly apprear and fulfil my fantasies and desires. But whatever it is, your heart has no space to allow my entry, you’re under full possession of your gf, or rather you often emphasise, your EX gf. So anyways, this blogpost is specially dedicated to you, like what I wish to say to you right now, or at least wish you could somehow someday understand how hurt I felt when you did what you just did — text me PERSONALLY and RANDOMLY out of the blue after not texting for over a month, and fucking send me a picture of your gf (or so you emphasised ex gf) ‘s skinny legs and asked me if it was nice.why the fuck was that for!? I mean, when you suddenly texted me ‘Angelina!!’ and nothing else, I seriously thought you were sad like last time (even its because of your overwhelming love for your gf) and crying, and I really dont want you to cry and be sad, so I replied because I wanted you to know there is someone here for you, and hopefully you’ll realise that, I’ve been liking you all this while. I just wanted to show you, she dn’t even know you, Justin let me love you let me want you. But you just see right through me, if you only knew me, we could be a beautiful miracle, unbelievable, instead of just invisible. But it turned out like this. even said you could use her legs as bolster. You don’t know how hurt I feel right now, It’s like a knife stabbed into my heart, and not just any ordinary knife, a knife you stab into me and it’s as if you’re laughing how I’ve been a fool the past few weeks and maybe even months, thinking you’ll like me back. You have no idea how painful this hurts, that sinking feeling. It’s like the pain is so great, I feel the need to give up on you, to stop loving you and attending and giving in to your every need. But, I hesitate, whether I should continue in my act of ignoring you like what I’m doing right now, or go back to texting you and hope you’ll finally say “I just send this picture to you cus I’m gonna delete it from my phone because from today onwards, I’ll get over my ex gf.” I know the possibility of this happening is probably… not ever, yet my love for you is so strong I made myself be cooped up in self-denial and deceived myself. The thought of me ignoring you made my heartbreak. I just dont want you to be sad. Yes, i agree that if I love you truly, I’ll only want you to be happy. Yes of course your happiness matters loads to me, but, I think I can bring you that happiness too… if you give me the chance to. Or maybe, you wouldn’t even care that I’ve ignored your text because after all, I’m nothing to you. I’m probably just someone you can vent on and would reply for sure so that’s why you texed me all along. thanks alot for playing with my feelings. Was fun wasn’t it.

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