sighs i know i don’t come on this frequently, and more often than not, whenever i post something, its always filled with anger and unflattering emotions. This time no less. But there’s a bonus. Nevermind start with the usual rage outpour. Uncle, urgh, can’t he just let me be? I miss that period where he didn’t talk to me, i felt so free and almost independent even though i’m still confined within the house’s iron framework. But anyways, I was just gone from the ‘study table’ for like 5mins, and he immediately called out to me and asked what I was doing. Like what the shit mind your own ***king business can. Then just now also, I only sat on the sofa for like 10mins enjoying my We Got Married, and he asked me SPECIFICALLY what I was doing on my phone. Like wtf your daughter also uses her phone AND YOU DON’T EVER CHECK ON HER!? on a side note, a barrage of things happened today, but they’re all virtual (perhaps I’m more alive and acknowledged virtually?). So basically, this Han guy (I think he’s a year older if I’m not wrong) started getting close to me in a sense? He followed me on instagram a couple months back, and just today i found out he insta direct to me, asking for my number. Being the clueless and rather idiotic me, I gave it to him thus receiving shock and disapproval from Ranchel and Abhi. So he started whatsapping me and currently he’s asking for my hobbies… Frankly I haven’t genuinely thought about that so I just dug deep into my head and told him I like taekwondo… Its true to a certain extent cus I SWEAR I’M DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH TAEKWONDO LIKE ITS MY GODDAMN PASSION but it’s not a hobby cus I don’t practice it due to certain circumstances (in the iron framework) though I would absolutely love to. Well to say I’m utterly freaked out and disgusted would be a lie, cus to a certain extent I feel a strange tingling of joy and pleasure since he called me ‘cute’.. but still, it would’ve been so much nicer if the guy was Bryan Cheong or Martin or y’know.. Well but I could just be good friends with Han i guess.. we’ll see how it goes.. hopefully well?

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