let me just convey my words onto this electronic platform although i really dislike the whole technology idea but whatever. Can’t reify my emotions onto paper cus there simply isn’t any room for my PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL privacy in this hellhole that i dwell in. ANYWAYS, what realy triggered me this afternoon (now) to rant and blow my mind is how that bastard uncle I have, apprarently thiink he’s so goddamn smart and all-knowing when in real fact he knows nothing. He just told me off for wasting my time printing new notes when its near A levels already and his words “I really think you are wasting your own time. At this time you should be studying. Don’t waste time.” EH FUCK OFF BASTARD. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW STRESS I’VE BEEN RECENTLY BECAUSE I’VE REALISED TIME IS CHASING AFTER ME AND TOMBSDAY IS NEARING. ALMOST EVERYDAY I’M THINKING WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO SAVE TIME AND SAVE THE AMT OF WORK I HAVE TO DO. SOMETIMES I EVEN AKE UP WITH STUDYING FIRST THING OFF MY HEAD. even i myself am shock with the drive (although admittedly it may not be sufficient or comparable to elite students). But at least I know that I know what I’m doing. AT LEAST I KNOW I’M TRYING TO STAND BACK UP ON MY FEET AND GET MY LAZY ASS OFF PROCRASTINATION LAND AND GRAPPLING AFTER WHATEVER FUTURE STILL HAS LEFT FOR ME. WHAT RIGHT DO YOU FUCKING HAVE TO CRITICIZE OR JUDGE ME WHEN YOU KNOW NOTHING AND OSTENSIBLY DON’T LIVIE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. I’m hurriedly printing notes and trying to make full use of my time and there you are always scolding me and making me angry, so darn boiling angry that disturbs the tranquility of mind i need to study. and i was nice enough to ask you just now if you were going to use the printer for long and you said “NO” in a RUDE way. And i believed. FUCK YOU IT’S BEEN MORE THAN HALF HOUR AND YOU’RE STILL PRINTING. wasting my bloody time then later say i waste my own time. FUCKASS.

okay so in case aunty uncle or whoever who’s against me and defensive, the only reason I am deemed to be disrespectful and ungrateful here by casting curses and vugarities, i am clearly aware that I’m rude and shouldn’t be hurling insults at “people who love me”. But I’m really angry now so please, this is the only way to express and truly convey my present consuming anger.

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